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Safety First

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Health and Safety Policy


Power Services Canada’s number one value is “Safety First”.  This is fundamental to our success and is essential to achieving our long-term business goals.  A strong safety culture is at the heart of everything we do. 


We will only achieve success through people.  Power Services Canada Inc. believes that injuries, occupational illness and damage to property can be prevented through the adoption of sound risk management principles supported by robust design principles and qualified staff.


We aspire to the highest standards in the conduct of our procedures and of the health, safety and welfare of our employees.


In accordance with this value:


· Power Services Canada Inc. will provide and maintain places of work that are safe and without undue risk to health.


· Power Services Canada Inc. will meet its legislative and regulatory requirements.


· Power Services Canada Inc. will conduct its business in a manner that will eliminate, minimize or control hazards to ensure the safety and security of its employees, its clients, its subcontractors, and the community.


· Power Services Canada Inc. will provide opportunities that enable employees to co-operate in developing, promoting and continuously improving measures to ensure their health and safety at work.


· Power Services Canada Inc. will make available safety equipment, personal protective equipment and protective clothing appropriate to the activities of each employee.


· Power Services Canada Inc. will provide information, instruction, training and supervision sufficient to ensure that all employees are fully aware of their responsibilities for workplace health and safety.



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